Friday, February 10, 2012

What's Next?! Mind-boggling!

This is so crazy. I can't believe how far technology has come. It's scary to think how far it still has to go. What's next? This is great for stroke victims but I find it a bit disconcerting. If this gets into the wrong hands, it could be catastrophic. This is only my opinion, I'd love to hear your opinion on the subject.

Science creates computer that can decode your thoughts and put them into words.
  • Technology could offer lifeline for stroke victims and people hit by degenerative diseases .
  • In the study, a computer analyzed brain activity and reproduced words that people were hearing.
  • Weird science: Scientists believe the technique could also be used to read and report what they were thinking of saying next.
 Neuroscientists have of course long believed that the brain essentially works by translating aspects of the external world, such as spoken words, into patterns of electrical activity.

But proving that this is true by showing that it is possible to translate these activity patterns back into the original sound (or at least a fair approximation of it) is nevertheless a great step forward, and it paves the way to rapid progress toward biomedical applications.

British expert Professor Jan Schnupp, from Oxford University played down fears it could lead to range of ‘mind reading’ devices as the technique can only, at the moment, be done on patients willing to have surgery.

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