Wednesday, May 18, 2011

What to do?

My oldest son is currently going to a Christian private school, which we all loved but the last couple of months have been really rough. He has been getting bullied at school. I have talked to his teacher and the principal and that particular kid has stopped. Lately, the same kid has gotten other kids involved to pick on my son. My son is not a wimpy-type kid. He is passive, generous and kind. He is pretty easy to take advantage of due to personality. The problem is that he goes through all grades with this same set of kids, there is only one class per grade. He won't ever be able to meet new kids or get away from these kids. He has been standing up for himself but it seems to only make matters worst. Most kids love recess, he has now begun to hate it. It is very sad. I have considered public school but my son really enjoys the Christian education. He has been with these kids for 2 years now and has made some good friends too. I really don't know what to do. I want him to decide but since he's never been to public school, he doesn't know what it is like. I went to public school so I know how different it is. There are pros and cons with public and private schools. I want him to have a good education but I also want him to be happy. (As happy as he can be considering he has to go to school. Most kids don't like going to school, right?)He's going to experience bullies anywhere he goes, sad but true. What to do?


  1. Hi there,

    I found your blog through the weekend blog hop. There was an interesting Dateline program on the topic of bullies back in March. It showed firsthand how important it is for bystanders, parents, teachers and principals to step in immediately. Here is the link.

    It also gives practical advice on how to deal with situations similar to the one you describe.

    As parents, this issue is a huge one. Anyway, thanks for sharing. I am a new follower. :-)

    Lala Musings: A Day in the Life of a Mother

    Rachel :-)

  2. Rachel, Thank you so much for your comment, I will check out the link you suggested and your blog. :•)

  3. I hate to hear this! Kids should remember their school years as being fun. Unfortunately there are those other kids that want other kids lives to be miserable. Even if your child moves on to another school there will be another to take his place. It is so important for the school administrators to stay on top of this issue and nip it fast. Stay involved as much as you can. I hope everything works out for your son at school.

  4. My sister in law is going through this with her daughters in a public school. It's the same thing, they only have one class per grade. It got so bad that the district had to call in a school pyschologist and now they are bringing in a mediator. What my siter in law discovered was that her girls were just two out five girls that are being bullied. I would stay on top of the school and make them get this settled. If a child is a bully they need to be punished, not your kid.