Tuesday, October 2, 2012

My Bucket List

Tomorrow is my birthday and I'll be 35 years old. This birthday has really got me thinking about things I should have/would have done in my life. I've decided to make a Bucket List to help me decide what I want to accomplish before I die. This will be an ongoing process, I'm sure I will always find things I want to experience. My list is in no particular order and some are more important to me than others. Here I go...I'm starting my journey today.

1. Get my master's degree or, if possible, my doctorate.
2. Have my steampunk or men's jewelry line featured in a magazine
3. Go to Italy and Greece
4. Parasail
5. Waterski
6. Snowboard
7. Donate a LARGE sum to Breast Cancer Awareness & St. Jude Children's Hospital
8. Learn and be efficient in some type of martial arts
9. Go to Paris and take a cooking class
10. Learn glass-blowing
11. Learn to weld

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