Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Folklore Fixes...silly cures!

Cuts: Apply a large red ant so that its jaws grip each side of the wound. Pinch off the ant's body right behind the head. The jaws will keep the edges of the wound clamped together while it heals.

Cuts#2: Spider webs were placed on wounds to help coagulate the blood.

Fever Blisters: Coat the blister with ear wax.

Toothache: Spit into a frog's mouth and ask it to leave with the toothache.

Warts: Dip eye of a dead cat in spunk water and place it on the wart.

Warts#2 (If you have many warts): Bite a wart off, chew it up and swallow it. And then everyday 'spit' on each remaining wart with your saliva.

Pinkeye: Catch and kill a chicken snake. Fry it until some grease collects in the pan. Rub the grease on the sore eye.

Hiccups: Lay a broom on the floor and jump over it three times.

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